"Think out of the box"

Man was created to be free, and he is only free when he creates.
Innovating is the carefree exercise of full freedom of the mind!

Innovation is a natural exercise at STONE EVOLUTION; it occurs where the traditional response does not satisfy the rendering which is intended to be exceptional. Innovation is at the heart of all design professions, starting with the artist's sketch, passing through the birth of the technicians and ending with the magical hand of the craftsman.

STONE EVOLUTION intervenes through its know-how and its reputation in projects which require revision, or reformulation, limits of the "current". It responds to a niche where tailor-made reigns both in performance and in rendering quality.

Our engineers and technicians work to create, transform, combine, adapt, refine, perfect ... products and applications that go beyond the norm and skilfully complete the transformation of projects into works of art.

STONE EVOLUTION is supported by the BPI (Public Investment Bank) for its vocation for innovation, is a recipient of the CIR (Research Tax Credit) and enjoys the JEI (Young Innovative Company) label.

Raised access floors and large-format visitable terraces, translucent stones, curved, concave and convex marbles, ultra-fine aesthetic ceramics and concretes… STONE EVOLUTION is leading the way with concrete applications that go off the beaten track.