Superlative panels!

A Revolution in Design ...

Coating solutions, for interior and exterior applications, from standard to tailor-made, which are formulated to make ambitious projects a reality. With balanced performance for an impressive rendering, STONE EVOLUTION products enliven the sophistication of demanding concepts.

The impressive advantages of SEAL panels

Dimensions: 125 x 250cm or 150 x 300cm, even up to 175 x 450cm! 15-18 kg / m² (5 to 10 times lighter than traditional stone)

Lightness: Very high resistance to bending, compression, mechanical shocks, thermal shocks

Resistance: To extreme winds (wind in depression> 9500 Pa, i.e.> 900 Km / h) & To seismic stresses

: Invisible mechanical fixing with interlocking profiles (fixing on the back and not on edges)

Speed: installation of up to 50m² / man-day (10 to 20 times faster than traditional installation)

Flexibility: the wise consolidation of the material allows it to give shape, to bend it!

Unprecedented ultralight

With a weight of 15 to 20 kg / m², STONE EVOLUTION panels have a lightness which allows, with this advantage, applications unimaginable before.

The mineral matter on the surface in 5mm, despite the large dimensions, is fully devoted to its only aesthetic function. A "large standard" panel of 4.5 m² becomes hand-portable, so easy to install with its weight <70kg.

The ultra-lightness and robustness of the panels make them ideal, essential, for application in light facades as well as interior applications.

XXL dimensions

Two standards are available: 125 x 250 cm and 150 x 300 cm.

Larger sizes are still possible on request, up to 165 x 350cm and beyond ...

Our technical products, standardized or formulated to measure, follow the dimensions of the required mineral matter without worry; very often it is the dimensions of the available stone slices which constitute the limit.


Easy and Optimized

Cutting and adapting SEAL panels are easy to operate.

Transport, handling, storage and phasing are optimized thanks to the format, the low thickness, the lightness and the robustness of the SEAL panels.

The panels are ideal for pre-assembly in the factory on large frameworks and frames for installing large multi-panel elements.

Thin, Flexible in shape and function

Typically the SEAL panel is 25mm thick (5 + 20mm, +/- 1mm)

The stone can also be 10mm (+/- 1mm) and other non-standard thicknesses are possible.

Composite supports can be 5, 7, 10, 15, 20. . . 80mm, but also more specific.

And stone is made flexible with our exclusive technologies and know-how!

The stone can be bent and curved according to the craziest projects.

Real healthy solution

The SEAL is the only answer that is completely free from the problems inherent in crystalline marbles and fragile or difficult stones.

The complex phenomenon of granular decohesion, which discredits certain marbles as exterior facade cladding, is perfectly neutralized by our STONE EVOLUTION process: the ultra-thinness of the stone and the structural bonding to any surface constitutes unprecedented consolidation.

The marble on the facade becomes perfectly possible again.


STONE EVOLUTION products are especially sought after for unsuspected mechanical performance. They reign where traditional responses fall short of design. Developed for a good balance between dimension, thickness, weight and mechanical resistance, our products radically solve the classic problems of fragility and weight issues.

A very high resistance to bending, compression, mechanical shocks and thermal shocks characterizes these panels which, in facade application, resist without defects to extreme winds (> 900 km / h) and which are validated for installation even in seismic zones.

Ultrasimple & Adaptable

By their lightness and their large size, STONE EVOLUTION products are ultra-practical: easy to assemble, simple to associate with any type of sub-structure, easy to pack, optimized for transport (large quantities for small footprint) and easy to handle.

The SEAL system adapts to all geometries: vertical, inclined, horizontal, left ...

Add-on cladding system for facades and soffits, provided with a secondary framework (horizontal rails / vertical uprights), for installation by simple interlocking; the fixing points are skillfully positioned in the factory on the back of the panels in accordance with the production plans and installation plans which transcribe the project.

The SEAL product is ideal for all types of interior or exterior cladding and cladding, and works well with any support: concrete, metal structures, wood, etc.

Floors, walls, interior walls, removable walls, screens, shutters, ceilings, raised floors, terraces, furniture, kitchens, etc.

SEAL panels are ideally suited for lightweight facades and VEP or VEC curtain walls, as an "EdR" infill. By their performance, thickness, lightness, tightness, and possible mechanical fixings, they bring glass-to-metal facades to life with new materials.


Very fast

These advantages of lightness, size, resistance and simplicity allow a surprisingly rapid installation: up to 50 m² man-day, ie. 10 to 20 times the laying rate for traditional stone; the prerequisite being collaboration, as early as possible, in design and implementation studies.

The installation of the framework can precede the installation of SEAL panels (start in masked time before the batch phase), followed by the rapid installation of large format elements.