Stone Evolution

Dedicated to demanding projects, distinguished concepts and prestigious achievements, STONE EVOLUTION, an Ile-de-France company with international influence, develops innovative solutions serving an impeccable and impressive aesthetic rendering.

A dynamic, multicultural and passionately involved company, STONE EVOLUTION is a designer and processor who specializes in creating emotions!

It puts its multidisciplinary expertise at the service of mineral matter to transcend past applications and offer tailor-made: concrete, optimized in performance and dimensions, which supports the soaring of the imaginary.

By skilfully drawing on the treasures of artisanal traditions as well as the ingenious resources of today's and tomorrow's technologies, STONE EVOLUTION invents, develops, perfects and supports a variety of products that go beyond the common.

We offer surfaces whose aesthetics are fully expressed thanks to advanced engineering that takes advantage of advances in several trades.

A know-how that is rooted in, and nourishes, fields as wide as stone craftsmanship, cabinet-making, layout, high-performance composites, mechanics, resistance of materials, lightweight structures , construction engineering, facades and roofs ...

We develop, manufacture and support a variety of “on-board” engineered products. These are products that free the material and the rendering of classic constraints, which revolutionize the design and layout of coatings.

Thin, ultralight, robust, practical, easy to use…, our products push back traditional limits and enhance the beauty of the gesture.

Always timeless with its unparalleled beauty which inspires designers and charms any user, natural stone occupies a central place among mineral materials.

Limestone, marble, granite, travertine, schist, basalts, onyx, but also ceramics, stoneware-ceramics and concrete ..., the mineral rendering in the broadest sense is declined in impressive superlatives.

Our know-how is aimed at designers, architects, interior architects, designers, as well as fitters, marble and stone workers, installers, facadiers and all living environment professionals who strive to master materials and serve projects.

With its international technical and commercial teams, STONE EVOLUTION supports you to complete the most demanding and unique projects. Our design office advises you in the selection of subjects and technical arbitrations; he assists you in the design and production processes to achieve the optimal and striking "answer".