Experiment, Perfect, Measure, Evaluate, Certify ...

The essential steps to guarantee irreproachable quality and reliable and lasting results.

The STONE EVOLUTION SEAL system is certified by a CSTB Technical Assessment (Scientific and Technical Center for Building) and its production is under quality control of the QB15 label, supervised and audited by the same CSTB.

As a partner of innovative manufacturers, CSTB participates in the development and industrialization effort of processes and guides our products and projects.

The multiple evaluation tests made it possible to certify, among other things, the resistance of the SEAL façade system to extreme winds and earthquakes.

The SEAL system forms the heart of the manufacturing process, underlying all of STONE EVOLUTION's production. This concept and its process starts with the association of the mineral material with the structural composite panels, goes through the formulation of the panels with their performance, up to quality control and traceability of the whole.

In addition, STONE EVOLUTION has a Laboratory and Measurements area dedicated not only to verifications related to the certified Quality Control system, but also to applied research, product development, performance design and reporting. expertise, if necessary.