The idea, the Matter, the Gesture. . . the Work!

A know-how which brings into resonance the work of the craftsman, the applied experience and the theory which pushes the limits: this is the conception of our profession.

Through the richness and diversity of its passionate staff, STONE EVOLUTION relies on numerous multicultural skills in terms of geographical origins, professional backgrounds and mastered professions.

At STONE EVOLUTION, the skills involved come from a wide variety of fields that rarely come together:

  • The ancient stone craftsmanship, with its underlying geology, manual and industrial techniques,
  • The resistance of materials and classical engineering,
  • Construction, building techniques and design details,
  • Design of special structures and technologies of light facades,
  • Chemical engineering and composite engineering,
  • Glass-making know-how and its ramifications for the built environment,
  • Plastics, thermoformed elements and their industries
  • Mechanics and assembly and operability systems,
  • Furniture and cabinetry

STONE EVOLUTION supports designers and designers from the early stages to ensure adequate and inspired integration, thus achieving an optimized aesthetic / performance / price ratio.


Areas of expertise

Beyond these know-how, STONE EVOLUTION has developed expertise in extraordinary fields:

  • Natural stone curved, concave or convex, large and small radii.
  • Metal structures, pre-assembled modular systems and light facades.
  • Ultrafine flooring solutions, large spans and sizes. . .
  • Ongoing Research & Development to design, perfect and put into production ever more innovative high-performance products.