Imagination . . . Tradition . . . Innovation . . .

Tradition is the sum of the revolutions of past generations ... The Revolution is the tradition of generations to come ... Technology is one of the foundations of civilization and its advances; it drives progress, the indomitable march of man towards more humanity and more freedom.


Drawing on a wide variety of artisanal and industrial knowledge, STONE EVOLUTION offers unique products both by their roots and their destinations.

"Efficient", high-performance products such as composites find their origin in aeronautics, aviation and naval technologies.

The first honeycomb structures, for example, with pierced or reticulated beams, date from the first Zeppelin airships at the end of the 19th century.

Depending on the production techniques and the application environment, the intelligent combination of physico-chemical characteristics between skins, cores and resins generates exceptional performance.

These innovative products are the fruit of a long journey towards an ever more adapted response to the pressing constraint of optimizing the planet's wealth; a better allocation of resources thanks to the lightness, the maneuverability and the less use of raw material.


STONE EVOLUTION products are the result of a relatively traditional treatment process for mineral matter, and innovative for the association with expert materials, in order to give a superb and highly technical result at the same time.

Our involvement begins with the prescription, with wise advice to designers, through the selection of the raw material in the quarry, through optimization according to the parameters of the project, to begin the production process with the reception of the slices in the workshop.

The natural raw material is prepared and treated for association by structural bonding in a press, using specific resins, to composite panels according to the types, performances and dimensions intended for the project.

The "composite-stone-composite" sandwiches are split to obtain the panels intended for shaping, which receive a surface finish according to the specifications (smoothed, polished, brushed, bush hammered, etc.)

The panels are then cut according to pre-established production plans, including edge treatments for type assemblies, miter or bird's beak.

The panels or parts assembled for the project are equipped, if necessary, with fixing points to make them ready for installation.

At the end of these operations the parts are checked for conformity, production quality and project details, to be then packaged for removal.

All of these steps are recorded in accordance with the STONE EVOLUTION quality control system.