It is the duty of every responsible actor to succeed in transmitting sustainable values ​​and good practices to future generations.

STONE EVOLUTION is entirely dedicated to the development of innovative products and processes in a constant search for quality, but with respect for the wise use of resources.

Our active participation in sustainable development is measured by our environmentally responsible management of the life cycle of the process and products. This is the heart of our action taken in the face of changes in the materials and methods used, in the products offered and improved.


By their nature and their destinations, STONE EVOLUTION products enjoy a substantially improved ecological footprint; they represent a systematic optimization of the allocation of resources, in terms of raw materials and invested energy:

  • They use half the raw material for the same coated surface, while multiplying the aesthetic impact.
  • They drastically reduce the number of parts, cuts, handling and assembly points.
  • They imply a more efficient transport by their lightness and their compactness.
  • By their practicality and ease of assembly, complex parts gain in simplicity of manufacture and fixing.
  • Their size, lightness and robustness induce an implementation requiring less labor.
  • As a result, the laying operations are accelerated, more flexible for the construction phasing.
  • The energy balance is thus greatly improved.


Along with the development of its new products, STONE EVOLUTION invests thought and resources in permanent R&D, in composites in the broad sense of the term, but also in the reprocessing of these products. This is our commitment to introduce and promote greener raw materials and elements resulting from the recycling of industrial products in the building sector.

We participate in the organization of the recycling channel for composite waste before and after passing through our process.